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Self-Driving vehicles and AI with Apeksha Kumavat, Co-Founder Gatik and Former Computer Vision Lead at Ford

Join us for a workshop on self-driving vehicles and Artificial Intelligence with Apeksha Kumavat, Co-Founder and Head of Machine Learning at Gatik AI, a company making self-driving vehicles for urban logistics. These vehicles have Level 4 autonomy meaning they will be able to operate without human input or control in urban areas.

Apeskha graduated from Purdue with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to starting Gatik, she was the Computer Vision Lead for Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle design. She was also the Machine Learning Lead at Otsaw, a company making autonomous security robots which monitor urban environments and alert security guards of potential criminal threats. Otsaw’s robots police the streets of Dubai.

Apeksha will talk about self-driving vehicles and machine learning, and the role of confidence in her success. This workshop will be held at Gatik AI’s headquarters in Palo Alto where she will lead an activity to explain and highlight self-driving vehicles’ technology.

Signups for this workshop will open in August.