Around the world, celebrities, toys, movies and TV shows are influencing young girls on what they should look like and what careers and passions are acceptable. From Barbie dolls in early age to TV shows like Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and Keeping Up With the Kardashians in young teen years, it is emphasized that girls need to have a certain figure, they need to act bubbly and flirty, and that school does not matter. These shows are full of boy drama and shopping. Disney movies often show princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White who need to be saved by a prince. This creates a stereotypical barrier that starts affecting the confidence of girls at an early age.

Object! aims to ensure that young girls (4th-6th grade) have the right self-image, confidence and self-esteem to pursue their passions. We have once-a-month workshop series with successful women speakers, activities related to the monthly theme, games, and of course food (because no party is complete without it)! We pick from a range of activities - sports, cooking, coding, entrepreneurship, acting, singing, rocket science etc. - and invite relevant women to talk about their experiences, struggles, and journey to the top. If young girls are confident to be different, they will forcefully pursue their passions.

So, let’s have girls object to complying with the stereotypes!


T E A M 

Manat Kaur

Ayna Agarwal, Advisory Board & Cofounder, She++

Ann Miura-Ko, Advisory Board &  Partner, Floodgate